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 Mama's Little Baby
 Starting A Rumor
 Can't Nobody Say I Didn't Try
 Never Saw It Comin'
 Do It
 I Need To Know
 People Just Love To Talk
 Until Then
 Wouldn't You Think
    (Should've Been Here By Now)

 She's Not There Anymore
 When She Cries At Night
 Cherry Street
 Out Of My Mind
One Of The Fortunate Few 
Right To Be Wrong 
The Part I Like Best 
I'll Change My Style 
Hammerhead Stew 
Your Memory, Me, And The Blues 
Dead Wrong 
Down Into Mexico 
Kiss Her Once For Me 
I Had A Real Good Time 
Midnight Communion 
Two Step Too 
Alright By Me 

 Old Weakness
 Leap Of Faith
 I'm With You
 I Wanna Thank You Baby
 I Want To Love You
 Smooth Talk
 Maybe Someday Baby
 Don't Want To Love You
 New York City
 Squeeze Me In
 Dreams To Remember
 Why Me?
 Rebecca Rebecca
 Back To Louisiana
 When Rita Leaves
 Livin' It Down
 Giving It Up For Your Love
 B-Movie Boxcar Blues
 Fine and Healthy Thing
Same Kind Of Crazy 
Smooth Talk 
Jungle Room 
Everything I Know About The Blues 
Blues About You Baby 
Lone Star Blues 
The Rub 
Won't Be Me 
Don't Want To Love You 
Ain't Lost Nothin' 
Money Honey 
New York City 
 Livin' It Down
 Gotta Get It Worked On
 When Rita Leaves
 Squeeze Me In
 Birmingham Tonight
 Baggage Claim
 All Night Long
 Don't Leave Home Without It
 Nothin' Lasts Forever
 Read Me My Rights
 All There Is Of Me
 Watchin' The Rain
Old Weakness (Coming On Strong) 
Leap Of Faith 
Somebody To Love You 
Sending Me Angels 
Too Much Stuff 
Monkey Around 
Lie No Better 
You Were Never Mine 
Better Off With The Blues 
Best Of Me