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After more than six decades on the road,

Delbert McClinton announces touring retirement

(May 2021)

Delbert McClinton has had plenty of time to reflect on his 63-year music

career during this pandemic. For the first time in six decades, he has been

off the road and off stage for more than a year. He has made an important

decision, with an announcement to his band members, crew, and organization

this week.
“Here I sit, 80 years old, in the middle of a pandemic. This is not how I

envisioned playing out my final years as an entertainer. Music has been my

total being for my whole life,” he admits. “I had been considering finishing

this year with a modest number of shows. But the more I thought about it,

the more obstacles that have been placed in front of me, the less my heart

was in it.”
“I don't want to get up in front of audiences who might be the cause of my incapacity or death just because I want to play music. I don't want to listen to anyone who won't wear a mask or get a vaccine. We all have different values and they are inarguable.”
He continues, “I have had a rewarding career, and I have accomplished more than I ever dreamed I would. With that in mind, this is a good time to retire.”
Delbert adds that this is a good time to close out his career, with a Grammy win (2020 Best Traditional Blues), a great album (Tall, Dark & Handsome: Hot Shot Records/Thirty Tigers), the Americana Lifetime Achievement Award, and the best band and crew with whom he has ever had the pleasure of sharing a stage (Self-Made Men + Dana).


“I’m leaving the stage with no regrets. I’ve done all that I set out to do and more. Retirement from touring will allow me to enjoy my family and travel a bit as it becomes safer. It's been a great ride,” he adds, as he looks forward to the next chapter, which will include a few recording projects that he has always wanted to do. Stay tuned. 

Note:: Delbert will perform his last official domestic show on the Sandy Beaches Cruise in January, 2024.  Visit for details on how you can be a part of this exciting event.


Photo by Clint Herring

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